A settlement update hui was held in Maketu on 21 February both to give an overview of the current negotiations landscape and also to respond to any queries that iwi members and claimants had. 

The hui was well attended and Lead Negotiator Hamuera Mitchell was available to provide a summary of progress since the AGM took place in October 2015 and Te Komiti Nui left with a strong message from the people that the marine and costal environment are instrumental to the well-being of Ngati Whakaue ki Maketu.

On the 12 April, Te Komiti Nui had good attendance at the Hurungaterangi settlement update hui where an overview was provided to hapu and claimants in regard to the current negotiations status.  Te Komiti Nui advised that it did not want to return to the iwi and hapu of Ngati Whakaue until it had done its utmost in pressing for the best settlement package available.

Te Komiti Nui are still continuing regular engagement with claimants, however, if you feel you have not had an opportunity to discuss your claim with Te Komiti Nui or its Negotiators please contact the office directly so we can rectify this.

The next steps for Te Komiti Nui are to await a response directly from Minister Finlayson upon which an Iwi hui will likely be called to discuss an offer and corresponding timeframes proposed by the Crown.  At this point we will be seeking your views and an overall directive from the Iwi.