Komiti Nui have almost reached their three year anniversary and will be conducting a series of Ngati Whakaue Registered Voting Hui for election of ten trustees. The dates are as follows:

Sunday 08 July 2012 Whakaue Marae, MaketuOne (1) representative for Maketu and the sea and coastal interests of Ngati Whakaue. 10.00am with morning tea at 11.00am
Sunday 15 July 2012 Te Papaiouru Marae, OhinemutuSix (6) representatives of the Koromatua Hapu and the central interests of Ngati Whakaue;One (1) representative for Horohoro and the western and south western interests of Ngati Whakaue. 12.00pm with lunch at 1.30pm
Sunday 22 July 2012 Hurungaterangi Marae, Hona Rd, NgapunaTwo (2) representatives for Ngapuna and the eastern and south eastern interests of Ngati Whakaue 10.00am with morning tea at 11.00am